It’s a contemporary and complete technology based testing and assessment services.

  • Semester end Examinations
  • Pre-recruitment tests
  • Pre & Post training evaluation
  • Employee satisfaction survey
  • Internal promotion tests
  • Entrance tests
  • Question Bank Development
  • Question Bank Management
  • Assignment submissions
  • Certification exams
  • Keyboard skills
  • Voice tests
  • Listening comprehension
  • Online Survey Services and feedback systems.


This facility is exclusively for the online examination and assessment purpose. Linova has state-of-the art Online exam center at Bangalore, the software hub of India.

Over 15,000 sq feet of space well equipped infrastructure covering the latest hardware, software tools, local and wide band networking facilities.

With total seating capacity of 400, and located at heart of Bangalore city. Commuting to our center will be half hour from any part of Bangalore.

Linova believes that its core asset lies in its people. Recruiting, Training and retaining the best is given great emphasis. Creating the right environment for its professionals, building a knowledge management system to leverage varied skills and taking consistent steps to build its Intellectual Capital has always been given top priority at Linova

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